The Decarbonization of the Programmatic Supply Chain Has Begun

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It Started With a Simple Idea: Finding an Effective Way to Reduce The Carbon Impact of Online Campaigns

We partnered with Scope3 and together we came up with a solution!

Discover GreenPMPs by Sharethrough, the first SSP to offer a scalable way to reduce emissions. GreenPMPs are part of an initiative to decarbonize digital advertising with Green Media Products.

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Did You Know That Browsing the Internet Generates Carbon Emissions?

In fact, 1 video or display ad impression represents an average of 1g of CO2e*.

1 Million

Ad Impressions

1 Metric Ton



That's Also Equal to...

The Emissions From...


Round Trip Flight From Boston to London Per Passenger!

Fully Charging...



The Carbon in...


Plastic Straws

*Accounts for Carbon Dioxide Equivalents (other greenhouse gases).

Discover GreenPMP™ & GreenPMP+™

2,444 Brands Are Already Using Sharethrough Green PMPs for Their Programmatic Campaigns

Join our partnering brands and agencies and help us build a cleaner digital advertising ecosystem.

Brands Are Already Using Sharethrough GreenPMPs for Their Programmatic Campaigns

Join our partnering brands and agencies and help us build a cleaner digital advertising ecosystem.

"The GreenPMPs initiative fits perfectly with Cossette Media's purpose of Making Media Matter and particularly the importance of building a cleaner and sustainable media ecosystem. We are happy to see a tech company like Sharethrough take leadership on creating a turnkey way for agencies like us to achieve net-zero carbon emissions on our programmatic media buys".

Axel Dumont
President, Cossette Media

"The GreenPMPs from Sharethrough and Scope3 provides a viable path toward a cleaner, greener digital media ecosystem. OMD UK is proud to be an anchor partner for this initiative, bringing more awareness and real solutions to the entire digital media ecosystem. We’re excited to see the results so we can continue to learn and advance our work in this area as we look to support our own and our clients sustainability ambitions."

Suzy Ryder
Chief Digital Officer, OMD UK

"GreenPMPs are the easiest and most impactful thing brands can do to help decarbonize advertising. By building carbon into its GreenPMPs, Sharethrough is allowing brands and media buyers to take action to fight climate change without compromising on campaign results."

Brian O’Kelley
CEO, Scope3

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Let’s Work Together to Build a Clean Media Ecosystem

All actors participating in the programmatic supply path, from the publishers to the brands, can help building a cleaner media environment. Deliver campaigns through a low-emission supply path, and stay top-of-mind with the Green Icon.

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Search for "Green PMP" or "GMP" in your DSP and deliver on those inventory packages.

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