The Green Icon Identifies Ads Delivered Through a Low-Emission Supply Path

Let’s Work Together to Build a Clean Media Ecosystem

All actors participating in the programmatic supply path, from the publishers to the brands, can help building a cleaner media environment. Deliver campaigns through a low-emission supply path, and stay top-of-mind with the Green Icon.

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Consumers Want Brands to Take Action

Consumers Favor Net Zero Brands


Of consumers will favor brands that are actively working to reduce their carbon emissions.

Brands Can Rebuild the Future


Of consumers believe brands play a more important role than governments to create a better future.

Ad Campaigns Certified As Having Low Emissions

Advertisers with a Green Icon on their advertisements are certified to be investing in carbon removal projects through Scope3, by compensating for the carbon created from the delivery of their ads.

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Activate Sharethrough GreenPMPs™ Through Your Preferred DSP

Sharethrough Custom PMPs, Built Specifically by Format Based on Your Campaign Goals

Search for "Green PMP" or "GMP" in your DSP and deliver on those inventory packages.

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