How Do GreenPMPsTM Reduce Carbon Emissions?

Step 1

Analyze & Develop

Determine What is the Carbon Footprint of the Programmatic Supply Chain

Advertising emissions include any step using energy and electricity along the programmatic supply chain.

Emissions are divided into three parts:

  • Creative Emissions
  • Supply Path Emissions
  • Publisher Emissions

Examples of emissions:

  • Servers (electricity)
  • Cloud computing (electricity)
  • User device (electricity and embodied emissions)
  • Data transmission (electricity)
  • Distribution of content
Step 2

Package Premium Ad Inventory

GreenPMPs™ Available as Direct and Premium Programmatic Ad Inventory

Activate your custom Sharethrough GreenPMPs™ through your preferred DSP or through managed service. Our PMPs are built specifically by format based on your campaign goals:

Performance KPIs
Seasonality / Events

An average of $0.10 CPM is allocated to decarbonization.

And many more...

Step 3

Measure & Report

Detailed Carbon Footprint Reporting to Track Progress Towards Net Zero Emissions 

Detailed reporting on your campaign’s carbon footprint including impressions, carbon offsetted and its equivalents:

  • Grams of CO2 to be compensated
  • Carbon equivalents
  • Carbon emissions per domain
Step 4

Compensate Carbon Emissions from Campaigns via Carbon Removal Projects

Scope3’s portfolio of high quality carbon removal projects are powered by CarbonDirect.

Direct Air Capture
Carbon Soil Storage

And more!

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Activate Sharethrough GreenPMPs™ Through Your Preferred DSP

Sharethrough Custom PMPs, Built Specifically by Format Based on Your Campaign Goals

Search for "Green PMP" or "GMP" in your DSP and deliver on those inventory packages.

Performance KPIs
Seasonality / Events

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