What Does the Green Icon Mean?

This advertising campaign has been delivered through a carbon-neutral inventory supply path.

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How Does it Work?

Delivering an ad on a website requires energy to serve and download ad content in real time. The carbon emitted depends on a number of factors but, on average, an ad delivered equates to about 1g of CO2e emitted.

Offset Carbon Emissions From Campaigns via Carbon Removal Projects

Scope3’s portfolio of high quality carbon removal projects are powered by CarbonDirect.

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Direct Air Capture
Carbon Soil Storage

Ad Campaigns Certified As Having Net Zero Emissions

Advertisers with a Green Icon on their advertisements are certified to be investing in carbon removal projects through Scope3, by removing the carbon created from the delivery of their ads.

Activate Sharethrough GreenPMPs Through Your Preferred DSP

Sharethrough Custom PMPs, Built Specifically by Format Based on Your Campaign Goals

Search for "Green PMP" or "GMP" in your DSP and deliver on those inventory packages.

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